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Chattel Mortgage (Commercial Loan Agreement)

A loan secured specific agreement is a type of lending facility used to finance business assets. The asset acts as security for the lender and upon the final payment the security or goods mortgage is released. The borrower retains ownership throughout the loan.


Ownership stays with the customer. The bank takes security over goods and upon final payment the goods/asset is released and full ownership stays with the customer.
Flexible terms. You can choose to pay your loan over 12 to 60 months with or without a balloon (final payment). This allows you to maximise the repayment to meet your financial needs.

Tax benefits

You claim the interest and depreciation on the term of the loan. This process becomes a very cost tax effective solution for your business or personal needs. In addition you can claim the input tax credits for the GST in the asset price. This is typically refunded in the 1st qtr BAS statement. We advise you to consult your accountant for further clarification on the refund of GST input tax credits.

Finance lease

A finance lease can be a cost effective way to acquire assets. Equipment can be financed over flexible terms whether it’s monthly, annual, quarterly or seasonal payments. Leasing can be an excellent product when requiring seasonal payments.

Insurance Premium Funding

Insurance can be a costly expense at anytime. Nationwide Finance is able to provide insurance premium loans for Commercial Insurance coverage as an alternative and flexible way to pay for your insurance.
The interest charge is fixed for the term, which means that you are protected against any adverse movements in interest rates, and receive a tax deduction for your business.


Paying Insurance premiums over flexible 10-12 month terms can conserve your business cash flow.


Rental is becoming a convenient and fast growing finance product. Typically the rental product was designed for technology products e.g. photocopiers, printers etc. Nowadays it has more universal appeal and can be applied to all sorts of goods & equipment including trucks and trailers.

Sale & Lease/Hire back

Sale & lease/Hire back is a faculty when the customer has already purchased the goods within a specific period – typically 1-3 months. In a Sale & Lease/Hire back arrangement we enter into a loan typically like a chattel loan or lease and the funds are disbursed back to the customer. Evidence of payment is required at time of settlement.

Hire Purchase

Commercial hire purchase (CHP) is a facility where the business hires/acquires the vehicle/equipment for a fixed term, typically 1-5 years at a fixed repayment. Customers have the option to purchase or payout the vehicle/equipment throughout the term. Once the loan is paid out or the loan is finalised, the title reverts to the customer.

Operating Lease

An operating lease is generally utilised when a customer requires the use of equipment in order to suit a particular work contract. The item, often specialised in nature, is leased for use for a set period in return for rental payments. At the end of the term the item is returned to the lessor with no further financial obligation.

Novated lease

Novated leases are designed for staff employees to maximise their salary package. The employee leases the car in his/her private name. The repayments are made by the employer. The benefit of a novated lease is the vehicle repayments are made from the employee’s pre tax income.

Benefit (Employee)

  • Pre tax income expenses
  • Option to own the car
  • Choose a vehicle you like or enjoy
  • If you move to another employer the lease and vehicle move with you

Benefit (Employer)

  • Gives employees the opportunity to buy a car pre tax
  • Attraction to retain employee
  • No balance sheet impact for employers

A finance lease can be a cost effective way to acquire assets. Finance equipment over flexible whether it’s monthly, annual, quarterly or seasonal payments. Leasing can be an excellent product when requiring seasonal payments.

Working Capital Loans

Australian small businesses need access to funds to grow, seize opportunities or help manage cash flow. Nationwide offers fast access to funds for small business so they can keep up momentum.


Loans of $5K to $250K; Terms from 3-24 months; fast application and decision; daily or weekly repayments; funding possible in 24 hours; total repayment amount detailed up front.

Potential uses of funds:

Refurbish or renovate; hire staff during busy periods; purchase stock or inventory; update or repair equipment; iInvest in tools or technology; run a marketing campaign; meet BAS or ATO obligations; manage cash flow

Minimum application criteria:

Income of $6K+ per month; trading for 6+ months (or purchased an existing business 3+ months ago); driver’s licence, ABN and 3 months of bank statements for loans up to $100,000.

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